Living in my viewfinder

Iman Brotoseno is a well-seasoned film director who started his journey in the industry since 1995.  He’s former Chairman of Pesta Blogger 2009, the largest blogger gathering event in Indonesia and President of ASEAN Blogger Community. He speaks for covering topics on blogs and social media in numerous occasions, including seminars, social groups, government and civil society organizations.  


To date, he has produced nearly 1500 creative pieces covering TV commercials, documentaries and music videos.  This include his biopic film of 3 Srikandi. A film about the true story of the Indonesian women’s archery team that won the country’s first medal in the 1988 Summer Olympic.

When he is not directing, Iman is a passionate diver and established underwater photographer. Iman also International Leadership Visitor Program ( IVLP ) alumni from USA, 2013 with topic “ ASEAN: Connecting Sustainable Communities through New Media ".